Which Percy Jackson Demigod Are You?
Which Percy Jackson Demigod Are You?
Are you more like Percy or Annabeth?

Which Percy Jackson Demigod Are You?

  1. You got: Child of Poseidon

    Youre a naturally compelling and influential person with an energetic spirit. You can be a bit irrational at times, but you entrust your friends to help keep you in line.

  2. You got: Child of Athena

    Youre logical, sensible, and can be very persuasive when necessary. You have a natural talent for the analytical side of things, but dont let that stop you from being carefree every now and then.

  3. You got: Child of Ares

    Youre a confident, spirited person whos a natural born leader. Your biggest weakness is that youre sometimes quick to anger, but your friends always look up to you when theyre in need of advice.

  4. You got: Child of Zeus

    Youre a strong-willed and cunning person whos up for any challenge. Sometimes you feel as if people put a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but its only because youre a trustworthy person.

  5. You got: Child of Aphrodite

    Although you have been complimented on your looks, there is much more to you than that. Youre caring and easygoing, but youre also strong-willed when necessary.

  6. You got: Child of Hermes

    You have mischievous and witty spirit, and youre best known for your sharp tongue. Some people find it hard to trust you, but youre number 1 priority is looking out for yourself and those you care about.

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