Can You Pick The Right Guy?
Can You Pick The Right Guy?
Or are you doomed to always pick the wrong one?

Can You Pick The Right Guy?

  1. You got: the right guy

    Marcel is the one! He does it all! He cooks, his apartment is clean, he thinks youre the most gorgeous person on the planet, and he has a dog that you like! Lock that shit down, FAST.

  2. You got: the wrong guy

    Archie is adorable and very much in touch with his emotions. Hes maybe a little too in touch with his emotions. He cries literally every time you kiss him. Big, beautiful, salty boy tears. Because hes so overwhelmed by your connection. Every time.

  3. You got: the wrong guy

    Laurie is an actor by day and works in a gallery performance space at night, which is great when you swing by with your friends and want free drinks. You were really upset when you showed up unexpectedly and found him making out with one of the artists showing at his job.

  4. You got: the wrong guy

    Honestly, Rodney is great, but you just dont feel a spark with him. You two end up being really good friends who never, ever bring up that one time you tried to hook up. He shows up to your wedding, years later, with a date who you think is really good for him.

  5. You got: the wrong guy

    Vlad has money and he never lets you forget about it. Youd think a guy with rich parents would learn not to be a dick about how much hes spending all the time. Relationships like these are always stressful, but Vlads whiny personality makes it too uncomfortable for you to stick around.

  6. You got: the wrong guy

    It takes you a while to realize that Thaddeus isnt the one for you. He seems really eager to be a part of your life, but when it comes down to making hard commitments, he chickens out EVERY TIME. You dont have time for that.

  7. You got: the wrong guy

    Han-Jun constantly talks about his ex. Apparently they were really mean to him but they were also super hot and had great taste in music. After a few OK dates, youre pretty sure Han-Jun isnt going to work out. Six months later youll see hes engaged to the ex.

  8. You got: the wrong guy

    Harry lacks direction. At first, his spontaneous spirit will give you a break from everyday stress, but after a while you wish hed pick something to do with his life and just do it.

  9. You got: the wrong guy

    Elliot is a really nice guy, but hes just so busy these days with work. He looks amazing on paper, and your mom would love him, but hes always going to put his job first.

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